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Established in 1993


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155 Andrew Drive, Stockbridge, GA 30281.   1 800 760 3215 (USA)          Tel: 770 506 8211  Fax: 770 506 0391    e-mail: rolanka@rolanka.com


GeoNatural™ products are resources for soil and water related improvements and restorations which are made from natural fibers.  These products are completely free from any synthetic materials that can pose a threat to wildlife and other natural resources. The most significant feature of these products is their complete biodegradability. Upon their functional life, they become mulch which further improves soil conditions for better plant growth. These GeoNatural™ products have numerous environmental benefits that far exceed the benefits of traditional GeoSynthetic products. They are economical and environmentally friendly and provide true green solutions for today’s erosion and sediment problems.

RoLanka offers GeoNatural™ products made of coconut fiber (coir fiber), an abundant, renewable natural resource. Coir fiber is one of the most durable and readily available natural fibers.  The tensile strength in these coir products far exceeds that of straw and excelsior (wood fiber) and jute.  Coir fiber is unpalatable to wildlife, which makes them a more suitable green resource for environmental restorations and wildlife habitat improvements. 


Soil layering with coir blocks
Effective sediment control
Damage from plastic nets



Serving the erosion control industry and protecting the natural resources with pride for 16 great years ! We thank all designers, dealers and end users for their faith in our high quality natural coir products


Environmentally friendly erosion control, sediment control, soil bioengineering, landscaping and gardening products to balance healthy, sustainable environment and increasing construction needs.

Aesthetically pleasing applications !


Call 1 800 760 3215 or e-mail rolanka@rolanka.com  for information or to order our products.


Economical and easy-to install products!


Largest Inventory of coir products in North America. Delivery within 1- 6 business days.

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